"I received your web address for "A Basset is an Asset" from a Basset Hound group that I belong to. Your site was and still is the best site ever.  My daughter is a Freshman in college this year.  She misses her dog terribly.  But when I got to the site and found the sheet music, it was so perfect.  I copied it for her and I am sending it to her in college.  The best part is the package is coming from her dog Daisy Mae.  She has her keyboard with her so this is great.  Thank you ever so much for that wonderful song.  Sending lots of Basset snooter kisses and droolies."
Ann D. and Daisy Mae

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"A Basset is an Asset" (the song) has now enjoyed almost 40,000 views on YouTube. Featured on the DVD, "A Basset is an Asset," it is one of several musical tracks on the video.

To view the song "A Basset is an Asset" on YouTube, click here.

You can download the song for free if you click here. (MP3 format)
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Click here for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the sheet music for "A Basset is an Asset." Be patient while it downloads - the file is approximately 10 MB (including a full-color-cover) and might take a minute or two to come up on your screen.

More music will be posted to this site soon.

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