Besides her passion for Basset Hounds, Bronwyn Edwards Cryer is a composer, singer/songwriter, music director, choral director, teacher, recording artist and performer. Her media portfolio includes graphic & web design, and audio and video projects. Bron thrives on the creative process, and enjoys connecting with people, especially networking through "A Basset is an Asset."

Bron has offered her talents for many good causes, not the least of which is Basset Rescue. Bron is an active supporter of Rotary Music4Life, an initiative to provide music education for all kids in Seattle Schools. Bron's daughter Kendall is a partner in the ABIAA project.

Bron lives with her beloved dogs - Charlee the Basset Hound and Zach the Husky/Lab, and she recently adopted another Basset Hound named Beaumont, who is very handsome and is probably the fastest moving Basset on the planet.  Beau must have been a cheetah in a past life!

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Listen to some of the tracks:
1. New World Symphony Improv
2. Ravel's Bolero - 2 pianos
3. Ode to Joy Improv
4. Florida (written by B. Edwards Cryer)
6. Clair de Lune
7. Magic Castle from Nutcracker Improv
8. Moonlight Sonata - first movement
9. Scarborough Fair Improv
11. Morris Dance - piano duet
13. Rhapsody in Blue - Gershwin
14. Blue Rondo - Dave Brubeck
Currently not available online.
Please email for more info.

Grandissimo (2008)
Genre: Piano / Classical / New Age

Listen to some of the tracks:
1. Belize
3. Leviathan
4. Cup of Joe
5. Gracie
6. She Loves the Rain
7. Raging River
8. The Red Piano
9. Blackbird
10. Swimming With Dolphins
11. A Woman Can't Get Enough Chocolate
Available at CD BABY
See Bron perform "She Loves the Rain" on YouTube. Click here.

She Loves the Rain (2005)
(re-released in 2008)
Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Listen to some of the tracks:
1. Joy
2. Silent Night
3. Christmas Song (Chestnuts)
4. Carol of the Bells Medley
5. O Holy Night
6. White Christmas
7. Christmas Boats
8. Gesu Bambino
9. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
10. Prelude in C / Ave Maria
11. Home for Christmas
12. Little Drummer Boy
13. Sanctus (Holy)
Available at CD BABY
See Bron perform at SeaTac Airport on YouTube. Click here.

The Gift (2007)
Genre: 2 Pianos / Christmas music

Listen to some of the tracks:
1. Earth Passions
2. Cool Sky
3. Deep Space
4. Compassion Moon
5. Chrysacolla
6. Intuition
7. Diamond Light
Available at CD BABY

Transformations (2007)
(with Tam Katzin)
Genre: New Age /
Healing / Meditation

Listen to some of the tracks:
1. Little Bit
2. Snowburn
3. Cloud Ten
4. Cry the Rain
5. Wildest Dreams
6. Aubergine
7. Late Bloomer
8. Gracie
9. Queens of Schmooze
10. Getaway Girls
11. Watermelon Babe
12. Away
Available at CD BABY

Late Bloomer (2004)
Genre: Songwriter (Multi-Genre and multiple vocalists)

Other music by Bronwyn Edwards Cryer:
1. Corroboree (written with Tam Katzin)
Award winning song.
Watch Corroboree on YouTube.
Click here.