"I was thrilled to get the Basset DVD in the mail.  I ran to the TV and watched it immediately. 
I l-o-v-e the new footage that you added to the Basset is an Asset song - and the story, birthday party, and parade clips are g-r-e-a-t!  My very favorite is the Basset is an Asset song - but the love story of Charlee and Buddy is heartwarming and precious."
Ann, Houston TX

"I got the dvd today and just watched it --- it is the absolute cutest thing I ever saw.  We just LOVED it.  All those hounds -- I want to come play with them all --those precious puppies -- we were singing along to the song -- oh my gosh -- just soo soo sweet.  Love the parade.  We have a St. Patricks day parade locally that is similar.    

"Oh -- just love this dvd -- going to go watch it again.  Thank you and stay in touch!" 
Michele, Staten Island, NY

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"A Basset is an Asset" is a 25-minute DVD that includes the song "A Basset is an Asset" (with now almost 40,000 views on YouTube) and a number of other musical tracks all about our Basset Hounds Charlee, Buddy and their six pups Barkley, Henry, Momo, Maddie, Fancy and Beaumont.

To view the song "A Basset is an Asset" on YouTube, click here.

To purchase the DVD "A Basset is an Asset" using PayPal, please click on the link below. Price of $20.00 includes shipping and sales tax. If you are in the United Kingdom, please email us for more information about where to get the DVD locally.

If you would prefer to pay by check, please email us to make arrangements.


"A Basset is an Asset" DVD is available at a discounted rate for resale to benefit Basset Rescue fundraisers. Please contact us by email for details and more information.

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